This incredibly different time in our lives

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During this time in our lives, we are all revisiting what it is that is important to us.  We are all learning new ways to do things and new ways to understand.  It is a time that will definitely pass but things will be changed forever because of it.  The most important thing right now is to stay respectful of the directions we have been given.  Do the things that are most important to stay healthy and to keep others safe as well.  We can put a stop to this only by following the directions that have been offered by all the experts and wonderful people that are doing everything they can to help us all.  


I want you all to know that I am available to talk any time you need me.  If you have any concerns or questions or just want to talk, please call me.  If you need me to help you or do something for you, please call.  We will get thru this together. 


Peace and Love to you all.