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Real Estate

Florida has become a popular destination for people from up north despite the Pandemic. .  People from  densely populated areas like New York, Boston, Chicago and many other cities have decided that this is the place for them.  Our climate,  tax situation and comfortable lifestyle are all very attractive.    Plus, people can work remotely from anywhere.  Why not in the sunshine and balmy breezes.  The warm climate is a safer option for many. 

However, there doesn't seem to be enough inventory to handle the requests for single family homes.  So sellers have an advantage right now.   There are still things that the seller can do to make things easier.  My advice is to get a professional appraisal.  This provides the actual value of your home so realistic expectations and goals can be met.  The buyers have an advantage too.  Interest rates are the lowest they have been in a long time and that means a buyer can purchase more of a home than they could in the past.  

My recommendation is to work with a local real estate professional t, like myself.  Our experience can guide you to  decisions that can protect you and save  time.  Finding a good appraiser, inspector,  lender, attorney or title company, along with other professionals , will make your transaction and move  so much easier.   We can help you find the right area for maintaining your property value, the right school district or neighborhood  that is within walking distance to restaurants, stores, groceries and more.   All of this will make your new living environment the most appropriate for you.   

If you can come to visit for a while, have a vacation and enjoy the weather, you can incorporate looking for properties within that time frame.  Of course, visual tours of properties are very useful right now. You can view and tour properties from your own computer, no matter where you are.  Everything, today, is done on line.  We will  navigate that process the right way as well. 

So, is this the right time for a change for you?